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The Main Services

The Main Services

Policy Recommendation

Recommend excellent solar products, suppliers andintegratedlow-carbonenergy solutionswith focuseson thesolar thermal utilization technologies to central and local governments and organizations.
Recommendto local governmentsreasonable financial incentive policies which are favorable for the development of solar industry.

Standard Popularization

Participate in the formulation and implementation ofvariousstandards and regulations related to solar thermal utilization and promote the improvement and renewal of solar products andproject technology standard system.
Support standards and regulations innovation of enterprises and promote the related governmental departments to apply standardswhich profit industry developmentas compulsive ones, thus to increase continuously the quality and influences in the industry.
Promote the relevantnationalstandardsto be identical with international standards and increase the international influences of our solar products in china.

Technology Exchange

Integrate resources of upstream and downstream businesses and create platformsand opportunitiesfor trade exchanges and cooperation.
Take advantage of the international background and resources of the International Copper Association to promote communicationsbetweenthe upstream and downstream businessesin solar industryand otherinternationalresearch institutions and advanced businessesthus to increase industry quality.

Technology Research

Integrate resources from production companies, research institutions and universities to carry out researcheson the efficient solar collectors’ technology and to conductnational and provincial researchproject of solar energy.
Jointly develop and promote an online learning system of design and installation technology of solar products.
Communicate with research institutions related to solar energy in China and promote their exchanges and collaboration with enterprises to create new opportunities for the combination of production companies, research institutions and universities and innovation.

Market Popularization

promote excellent solar products and solutions in the following areas by coordinatingwith companies in the solar industry
Solar energy and building integration
Solar heating
Solarapplication in industrial areas
Seasonal storage of solar energy
Assist domestic solar enterprises in developing their international markets--Asian markets in particular.

Public Awareness

Increase public awarenessand credit of solar thermal utilization techniquesandsolar water heaters through participating in exhibitions and making and releasing related promotionalmaterials, Newsletters, and mass mediareporters’ salon.
Exchange and cooperate with the relevant media and releaseregularly updated industry information on the website of the allianceand other mediasin order to enhance the social awareness of the products and brands of the enterprisesin the alliance.