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In solar water heating systems, solar collectors and storage tanks are the key components for collecting and converting energy to heat water of life. Copper is featured by thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, durability and good performance in thermal processing and sealing, which are essential for the production of solar collectors and storage tanks. Copper solar collectors are widely favored by industrial and the household users due to its safety, reliability and internationality. Meanwhile, copper can be easily bonded with metal solar-absorbing coatings, which can reduce the performance degradation of solar-absorbing coating of flat-plate solar therma lcollectors, thus to ensure that the solar equipment can possess stable performance and a long service life.

In order to promote the industry development, improve the performance and quality of solar products, and enhance the reliability and quality of large and medium-sized solar projects, International Copper Association, in collaboration with authoritative organizations in the solar industry, relevant departments of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development and international organizations dedicated to working towards a low-carbon economy for China and coming up with low-carbon energy solutions, is to set up the International Metal Solar Collector Industry Development Alliance (Tentative) to integrate the forces within the industry to form a united voice and more vigorously popularize solutions for solar thermal utilizationof good performance,  high quality and long service life.