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Let's Spend Our Energy Developing an Energy Policy - 2011-12-21

As a nation, we are spending way too much energy arguing about energy. With all the energy-related debates going on today about everything from environmental regulations to the role of government subsidies.
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Worlds Apart: The Growing Complexity Behind the Solar Trade Dispute - 2011-12-21

On one side is the camp that says we must ride cheap solar panels all the way to grid parity. On the other side are those who contend such an approach will only hand China the keys to the solar industry.
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Solar: Smart policies, not trade war - 2011-12-21

The German company SolarWorld recently filed a trade complaint against China. The claim: China’s government has unfairly supported its domestic solar industry, and the U.S. solar industry can’t compete.
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In Solar World, a Tale of Two Policies - 2011-12-21

Just as Germany announced its intentions to maintain its current feed-in-tariffs rates to bolster softer than projected figures, a key player in the U.S. solar market may take a different approach and cut into its incentive program.
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